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Giovanna, Moon Mother


A Moon Mother is a woman who has been called in her heart to help women to awaken to their authentic femininity and to heal the hurt and patterns created by modern life so that all women can live as the empowered, sensual, sexual, creative and spiritual beings that lies within them.

Being a Moon Mother is also a beautiful and inspiring path of deep personal and spiritual development through sharing the Womb Blessing. It is a path of walking the love of the Divine Feminine on Earth, of caring for other women and for our self, and it brings us:

  • Deep change.

  • An opening of our spiritual awareness.

  • Profound personal healing on all levels.

Moon Mothers are often pioneers in places where women are deeply disconnected from their female energies.

My passion is to help women reconnect with their Divine Feminine by bringing awareness to the magic and power of the Womb and the benefits of the menstrual cycle.

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What Clients Say

"Absolutely everything about my experience was truly remarkable. Amongst all the incredible aspects, the cacao ceremony stood out as the most powerful for me, catalyzing a profound transformation. Surprisingly, the food surpassed all expectations, leaving me in awe of its exquisite taste. The entire journey was a tapestry of beauty that brought about a profound positive change within me. I now feel an amplified sense of empowerment in my feminine essence and a deep reverence for the sacredness of my womb. Nicole and Giovanna, our exceptional hosts, contributed immensely to the retreat, ensuring an unforgettable time for all of us. Connecting with you and the rest of the group was an absolute joy. This testimonial cannot express enough gratitude for the remarkable experience I had."

Vera | A Sacred Womb Wellness Retreat | April 2023

“Our Womb Centre is also the spiritual home of the female soul, our pattern of authentic femininity. It is through our disconnection with our womb Centre that we have lost our soul-fullness, the feeling of being whole and complete in who we are. We have also lost contact with the guidance and purpose of our soul, and the feelings of empowerment and lasting inner strength and peace that it offers us.”

Miranda Gray

Image by Klara Kulikova
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