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My Story

By educating women about the magic and power of the Womb and the benefits of the menstrual cycle, I hope to reconnect them with their Divine Feminine. 

Art has been a tool and driving force - in all forms of my creative expression. I believe that art supports the process of healing and transformation, which has led me to my life's purpose - to make women aware of the magic and power of the womb and the benefits of menstruation. This type of insight can add peace and flow to a woman's life. 

As a Level 2 Moon Mother attuned by Miranda Gray since May 2013, I offer Personal Womb Healings and Womb Blessings. By balancing women's female energy centres and recognizing the great gifts that reside within, we assist them in re-establishing a connection to their Sacred Womb Center.

Giovanna, Moon Mother

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